It seems like I cannot get good pasta anywhere. During a camping trip, my father and brother dined with me at Pete’s Henny Penny Restaurant in Petaluma, Ca. Inside, were all types of decor. …

Ahh, Caprese salad one of my favorites. As you may or may not have noticed, I love tomatoes and basil together. On Margarita pizza, in pastas, and it makes sense that I would like-no, love Caprese salad. Basically, its tomato and mozzarella cheese on bread, with basil and balsamic vinegar. I dined at the Office, a burger and beer kind of place. I was surprised when I found that Caprese salad was on the menu! Honestly, the Salad was delicious. The tomatoes were fresh and the basil was wonderful. Even the bread seemed to have come from heaven. I rate this dish an 8. Only an 8 because I don’t really like my balsamic vinegar sweet. But it was pretty good, overall!

Today, for dinner, I went to Chiok!, a Singaporean Place. I, being the junk-food-loving child I am, happy to live on donuts for my life, wanted pizza, but my father persuaded me to go to Chiok!; and I gotta say, this I did not regret! The samosas were spicy, the way I like it, and tasted like home, digging deep into my Indian roots, and they also went well with the mint-yogurt dip. I never thought I would like mint-yogurt dip!! Also, it came with some crunchy lettuce and shaved carrots under it. I loved that too! The trick is, you need to put the carrots and lettuce on the samosa, and the sauce over that.

Eight out of Ten stars, because it could’ve used more mint-yogurt dip, because I loved it so much!

Nushi Sushi, Out!!

Blueberry waffle from The Omlette House

On Saturday, after a hearty workout, I treated myself to some waffles, at The Omelette House, in downtown San Carlos. The waffle, pictured above, had a big dollop of whipped cream on top, along with some blueberries and a sprinkle of powdered sugar. The waffle, I am going to tell you, was awesome. It was so fluffy and crisp, with the perfect ratio of toppings. I rate this dish a yum-yum-yum ten out of ten stars. Yum!

Tomato Pasta

Angel hair pasta with a lot of tomato

I dined at Jack’s, a busy restaurant, in San Mateo. For dinner, I ordered a nice-sounding pasta, which consisted of tomatoes, olive oil, basil, and angel hair pasta. Now angel hair is like spaghetti, but a lot thinner, which is how it has its name, angel hair. The…

On Saturday I went to the market, and stumbled upon the most gorgeous shop of macaroons. It was hard to choose from the many colorful flavors, but I had to go with Raspberry. Now, a macaroon is very difficult to get right. The shell must be chewy, and you should be able to bite into it freely like collapsing onto a pillow. The inside cream should be thicker than frosting, like butter, it should be spreadable.

And my delicious macaroon was all of the above. It was so delectable that I felt as if I was biting into cotton candy. I rate this treat 4/5 stars!

Nushi Sushi

I’m Nushi Sushi! I really like to eat, I’m vegetarian, and I really like rainbows. And Sparkles. Sparkles for life!

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